Just for shits-n-grins, let’s see how many record lows and snow fall amounts we get during global warming.

Weather records show that 2009 was a year of extremes in Arkansas.
Remembering 2009 weather records

The year also saw a hugely destructive ice storm in north Arkansas to open the year, and a cool summer, with no temperatures of 100 degrees or higher recorded during the year at Little Rock.

Record Lows from 1/2/2010

Record Lows from 1/2/2010 as reported on FoxNews 1/3/10 AM

Not a record, but damn close!
1/2/2008 in Mount Morris, MI:
Low Temperature:
Actual: -6°F
Normal: 14°F
Record: -7°F

New record low
2/6/2008 in Mount Morris, MI: -5 (
hmm but shows -21°F (1918)? Pretty bad when weather sources can’t even agree! 😀

FYI: -9 on 2/11/2008, which is “recent”, I.E. during the global warming period.

2/11/08: Snowfall to date for the month of Feb 08 = 19.9 inches (as measured at FNT airport)

Snowfall for the month of Jan 08 = 22.8 inches (as measured at FNT airport)

Dec average = 9.5″ (noaa)
Jan average = 11.7″
Feb average = 9.5″
Mar average =7.6″
Annual average = 44.6″

We’re at 42.7 inches of snowfall as of 2/11/08, just for Jan & Feb 08; 63.5″ for the season as of 2/7/08

The forecast for today (2/12/08) was for 1-3 inches, so far we have about 5 inches. They issued a heavy snow warning later today calling for 5-8 inches.

Statement as of 4:00 PM EST on February 07, 2008

The record for February snowfall is 20.8 inches set in 1990. The Flint seasonal snowfall total is 63.5 inches… which is 32.5 inches above the average through February 6th. This already places the 2007-2008 winter season as the 7th snowiest in Flint history. The 6th snowiest winter was 1964-1965 when 72.9 inches of snow fell… and the 5th snowiest winter season was just three years ago in 2004-2005 when 73.0 inches fell. (still looking for the rest)

Statement as of 10:52 PM EST on February 12, 2008

Snow spread into Southeast Michigan after 2 PM today and intensified
during the evening commute… causing very poor driving conditions.
Widespread accumulations ranged from 2-5 inches with locally higher

New period storm snow
location snow (hrs) total depth lat Lon

… Genesee…
Flint 2.8 8 43.02n 83.69w (there it is, 8 inches today, so far… not the 1-3 predicted this morning)
Linden 4.2 8 42.81n 83.78w
Grand Blanc 4.1 8 42.92n 83.61w

1975-76 76.6″ (?)
1951-52 75.3″ (?)
2004-05 73.0″ (5)
1964-65 72.9″ (6)
2007-08 63.5″ (7) (as of 2/7/08) [63.5 + 1.5 on 2/9 + 8 on 2/12 = 73.0 so far]
1925-26 64.9″ (?)

“The record for February snowfall is 20.8 inches set in 1990.”

So with the 8 inches we got on 2/12/08, our total in Flint for Feb 08 so far should be 19.9+8=27.9″. Feb 08 should now be a new monthly record. Not bad for living in a global warming period, eh? 😀

Updated Tuesday — February 12, 2008 —Madison breaks its record for winter snowfall MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison’s record for winter snowfall is broken.The National Weather Service says it accumulated 1.8 inches of snowfall overnight, putting the total at 77.3 inches.That breaks the old mark of 76.1 inches set during the winter of 1978 and 1979.

It doesn’t count the additional light snowfall that is forecast to continue falling in Wisconsin’s capital city through Tuesday afternoon.


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