06 Apr

Burn some leaves!

This is getting ridiculous here in Michigan. April 6th and six inches of snow! Come on people, if this is what we get to look forward to in the fight against Global Warming.. er, I mean Climate Change, this is NOT what we want! It’s April for crying out loud and we’ve only seen ONE day over 60 degrees! It’s supposed to be SPRING! Our grass hasn’t even started to turn green yet, flowers haven’t sprouted yet!

So burn some leaves! Burn your garbage! Fire up those coal-fired power plants! Jump in your gas-guzzling SUVs and drive around! If CO2 is the reason for global warming, then we need more CO2!!!!

April 6th, 2009 snowfall

April 6th, 2009 snowfall

April 6th, 2009 snowfall

April 6th, 2009 snowfall

It’s not just Michigan. There’s a freeze warning across much of the south!

Freeze warnings in south

Freeze warnings in south

Light blue area has a freeze warning. Dark blue has a deep freeze warning.


Look at this forecast! Never gets to 50 this week, chance of snow on April 10th!

Flint forecast April 6-10th, 2009

Flint forecast April 6-10th, 2009


30 Mar

NYT admits true cost of green energy

Cost Works Against Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Time of Recession

Published: March 28, 2009

WASHINGTON — Windmills and solar panel arrays have become symbols of America’s growing interest in alternative energy. Yet as Congress begins debating new rules to restrict carbon dioxide emissions and promote electricity produced from renewable sources, an underlying question is how much more Americans will be willing to pay to harness the wind and the sun.

Curbing carbon dioxide emissions — a central part of tackling climate change — will almost certainly raise electricity prices, experts say. And increasing the nation’s reliance on renewable energy will in itself raise costs.

Fifteen months into a recession, that prospect does not sit well in some quarters.

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13 Nov

Obama Wins! Oh Crap!

You see it all over the Internet now.. and in real life with people I meet… Obama won… oh crap! Or “Oh shit!”, “We’re Screwed!” and some other not-so-nice comments. A common thread of discussion is along the lines of “He bought the election” or “The best election money can buy”.  What are we hearing on the street? Obama means higher taxes.. Oh Crap! Obama means more liberal judges.. Oh Crap! Obama means more socialism… Oh Crap! Obama means higher unemployment… Oh Crap! Obama means forced unions on small business.. Oh Crap!  Obama means more economic turmoil.. Oh Crap! Obama means higher corporate taxes on business (the ones that provide jobs).. Oh Crap! Obama means more jobs and corporations driven overseas… Oh Crap! And Obama could lead us into a full blow depression.. OH CRAP!!!

Well, if you’re feeling these same sentiments, join the club… and show your disgust with this bumper sticker I threw together…

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08 May

UK High Court Rules Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” to be Propaganda

News Item: : UK High Court Rules Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” to be Propaganda


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Wednesday 10 October 2007 – 07:04:33

The United Kingdom High Court has ruled that the book “An Inconvenient Truth” (by Al Gore) to be propaganda and described as irredeemable, containing serious scientific inaccuracies and “sentimental mush” There you have it.

Truck driver Stewart Dimmock brought legal action against the school system to prevent An Inconvenient Truth from being taught in school as factual information. The UK High Court has issued a preliminary ruling that teachers must make clear that:

  1. The Film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument
  2. If teachers present the Film without making this plain they may be in breach of section 406 of the Education Act 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination
  3. Eleven inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children

What are the “eleven inaccuracies”? (the following is from the UK New Party’s website)

  1. The film claims that melting snows on Mount Kilimanjaro evidence global warming. The Government’s expert was forced to concede that this is not correct.
  2. The film suggests that evidence from ice cores proves that rising CO2 causes temperature increases over 650,000 years. The Court found that the film was misleading: over that period the rises in CO2 lagged behind the temperature rises by 800-2000 years.
  3. The film uses emotive images of Hurricane Katrina and suggests that this has been caused by global warming. The Government’s expert had to accept that it was “not possible” to attribute one-off events to global warming.
  4. The film shows the drying up of Lake Chad and claims that this was caused by global warming. The Government’s expert had to accept that this was not the case.
  5. The film claims that a study showed that polar bears had drowned due to disappearing arctic ice. It turned out that Mr Gore had misread the study: in fact four polar bears drowned and this was because of a particularly violent storm.
  6. The film threatens that global warming could stop the Gulf Stream throwing Europe into an ice age: the Claimant’s evidence was that this was a scientific impossibility.
  7. The film blames global warming for species losses including coral reef bleaching. The Government could not find any evidence to support this claim.
  8. The film suggests that the Greenland ice covering could melt causing sea levels to rise dangerously. The evidence is that Greenland will not melt for millennia.
  9. The film suggests that the Antarctic ice covering is melting, the evidence was that it is in fact increasing.
  10. The film suggests that sea levels could rise by 7m causing the displacement of millions of people. In fact the evidence is that sea levels are expected to rise by about 40cm over the next hundred years and that there is no such threat of massive migration.
  11. The film claims that rising sea levels has caused the evacuation of certain Pacific islands to New Zealand. The Government are unable to substantiate this and the Court observed that this appears to be a false claim.

Stay tuned as the UK High Court’s final ruling may impose additional restrictions on teaching An Inconvenient Truth in classes. They may also point out additional inaccuracies as we all know they only scratched the surface aboe.

08 May

Al Gore Used Fictional Scenes in “An Inconvenient Truth”

Written by mpinkeyes on Apr-22-08 8:35pm


This really isn’t surprising to me. Al Gore took a scene from the (fiction) movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” which in itself was a propaganda movie, and used it in his own propaganda “documentary,” “An Inconvenient Truth.” The scene in question was a computer generated image and is not real.

On Friday, it was revealed by ABC News that one of the famous shots of supposed Antarctic ice shelves in the film was actually a computer-generated image from the 2004 science fiction blockbuster “The Day After Tomorrow.”

I guess if you can’t find what you are looking for to prove your point you can just make something up. That appears to be Al Gore’s template. The inconvenient truth is, at least for Al Gore, that this movie is nothing but a fraud, the whole idea that global warming is man-made, if it exists at all, is a scam. Read the original story in it’s entirety

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01 Mar

Energy Saving Day flopped, say organisers

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor

Last Updated: 7:01pm GMT 28/02/2008

Energy Saving Day was a flop, its organiser admitted last night after the National Grid confirmed that across Britain energy use went up by just over one per cent.

The day, which began at dusk on Wednesday evening with candles being lit in St Paul’s cathedral, had received the backing of the minister for climate change, Joan Ruddock, Lord May, the former president of the Royal Society, and groups including the National Trust, Tesco and the power companies.

The E Day website encouraged participants to turn off as many appliances as possible and to leave them unused for as long as possible.

But by mid afternoon it was clear from the meters on the Day’s website that consumption was about 600 megawatt hours across the country, higher than what the National Grid estimated was used on a normal February day.

Matt Prescott, the organiser, who had support from the Esme Fairbairn Foundation, said: “We had problems. There was a change in temperature. If it had been warmer, we would have been happy.

“I feel we haven’t been able to get the publicity to get the scale we needed. I would love to do it again with enough publicity to do it better.”

27 Feb

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile — the list goes on and on.No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA’s GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.

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25 Feb

Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age

Snow cover over North America and much of Siberia, Mongolia and China is greater than at any time since 1966.

The U.S. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) reported that many American cities and towns suffered record cold temperatures in January and early February. According to the NCDC, the average temperature in January “was -0.3 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average.”


11 Feb

Photo Gallery Added

I have added a photo gallery. Feel free to register and add photos showing how global warming is not in your area.
Within the photo gallery, I have added a category just for unflattering Hillary Clinton photos. Please feel free to download, share and upload your own photos (authentic photos only, please).

Our next President???

The next President of the United States of America???

30 Jan


Another reason we don’t want McCain in the White House

The turning point on global warming

By John McCain and Joe Lieberman | February 13, 2007

THERE IS NOW a broad consensus in this country, and indeed in the world, that global warming is happening, that it is a serious problem, and that humans are causing it. The recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded there is a greater than 90 percent chance that greenhouse gases released by human activities like burning oil in cars and coal in power plants are causing most of the observed global warming. This report puts the final nail in denial’s coffin about the problem of global warming.

Read the entire article



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