17 Nov

U.S. Cooling, Not Warming, Over Past Decade, Govt. Data Shows

Written by Michael Tennant Wednesday, 09 November 2011 09:08 The recent release of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study, which showed a worldwide temperature increase of about 1°C since 1950, was heralded by many as proof of global warming. Some skeptics, however, noted that the BEST data also showed that temperatures had remained unchanged […]

31 Aug

Dr. Singer: Certainly it has not been warming.

PBS Interview with Dr. S. Fred Singer Some people hold that the threat of climate change is so great that we need to fundamentally change the way we produce and use energy. What’s your response to this view? Climate change is a natural phenomenon. Climate keeps changing all the time. The fact that climate changes […]

11 Aug

Desperation: Dems sell global warming as national security threat

By Michelle Malkin • August 11, 2009 12:31 PM Talk about the politics of fear. Sen. John Kerry and the Democrats are now re-branded global warming as a national security threat: The changing global climate will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention to deal […]

29 Jun

E-mails indicate EPA suppressed report skeptical of global warming

E-mails indicate EPA suppressed report skeptical of global warming by Declan McCullagh Exerpts E-mail messages released this week show that Carlin was ordered not to “have any direct communication” with anyone outside his small group at EPA on the topic of climate change, and was informed that his report would not be shared with the […]

12 Jun

[No] Global Warming Petition Signed by 31,478 Scientists

Global Warming Petition Signed by 31,478 Scientists by Ron Paul Statement before the US House of Representatives, June 4, 2009 Madam Speaker, before voting on the “cap-and-trade” legislation, my colleagues should consider the views expressed in the following petition that has been signed by 31,478 American scientists: “We urge the United States government to reject […]

06 Apr

Burn some leaves!

This is getting ridiculous here in Michigan. April 6th and six inches of snow! Come on people, if this is what we get to look forward to in the fight against Global Warming.. er, I mean Climate Change, this is NOT what we want! It’s April for crying out loud and we’ve only seen ONE […]

13 Nov

Obama Wins! Oh Crap!

You see it all over the Internet now.. and in real life with people I meet… Obama won… oh crap! Or “Oh shit!”, “We’re Screwed!” and some other not-so-nice comments. A common thread of discussion is along the lines of “He bought the election” or “The best election money can buy”.  What are we hearing […]

30 Jan

A Sign I’d Like To See

Don’t you just hate those signs??? This would be my sign… if I were rich 😀


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