08 Feb

Uh Oh! Germany Building NEW Coal-Fired Power Plants

Uh Oh! Don’t look now, but Germany is building NEW coal-fired power plants. Yes, you read that right… the leader in solar, wind and “renewable energy” is going back to coal to replace it’s fleet of ZERO CARBON nuclear power plants.

Read about it here (since you won’t find it in the Lame Stream Media)

Why Germany’s Nuclear Phase Out is Leading to More Coal Burning

Of course, the left will spin this as a good thing.

In September 2012 Germany’s Environment Minister opened a new lignite power plant, arguing the following: “If one builds a new state-of-the-art lignite power plant to replace several older and much less efficient plants, then I feel this should also be acknowledged as a contribution to our climate protection efforts.”

So with this new alternative arithmetic, a coal-fired power plant is better then a zero-emission nuclear power plant?


And there’s more here..

Cuts in Nuclear Energy Mean Higher Electricity Costs, More Carbon Emissions

The benefits of nuclear energy are often taken for granted―until they begin to disappear.

In several countries, the closing of one or more nuclear power plants has affected the reliability and price of electricity, greenhouse gas emissions and the economy.

And of course in the USA, there’s a war on coal AND nuclear power, with the federal government, through EPA regulations, forcing the closure of both.

First US nuclear power closures in 15 years signal wider industry problems

As the economics of building plants and maintaining old ones erode, some experts see little hope for an industry being touted by some as a climate savior.

You were warned… “Under my plan… electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” ~ Senator Obama,  January 2008



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