28 Oct

Early Northeast Snowstorm Destined to Shatter Records

Oct 28, 2011; 4:07 AM ET
From a historical perspective, the upcoming major Northeast winter storm could prove to be unprecedented in terms of its early arrival in the season and the amount of snow it will drop. meteorologists are now confident that several inches to a foot of heavy, wet, and in some cases damaging, snow will fall over parts of the Mid-Atlantic and New England on Saturday.

Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski has specifics on the forecast for the upcoming storm.

The notion of a pre-Halloween snowstorm has our meteorologists and climatologists scrambling to put the storm into some sort of perspective as to how many records could be busted by this snowstorm.

For many cities, the snowstorm could go down as the biggest on record for the month of October:

Largest October Snow Events

–Allentown, Pa.: 2.2 inches on Oct. 31, 1925
–Baltimore, Md.: 2.5 inches on Oct. 30, 1925
–Boston, Mass.: 1.1 inches on Oct. 29, 2005
–Hartford, Conn.: 1.7 inches on Oct. 10, 1979
–Philadelphia, Pa.: 2.1 inches on Oct. 10, 1979
–New York City, N.Y. (Central Park): 0.8 inches on Oct. 30, 1925
–Washington, D.C.: 2.0 inches on Oct. 31, 1925

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