13 Nov

Obama Wins! Oh Crap!

You see it all over the Internet now.. and in real life with people I meet… Obama won… oh crap! Or “Oh shit!”, “We’re Screwed!” and some other not-so-nice comments. A common thread of discussion is along the lines of “He bought the election” or “The best election money can buy”.  What are we hearing on the street? Obama means higher taxes.. Oh Crap! Obama means more liberal judges.. Oh Crap! Obama means more socialism… Oh Crap! Obama means higher unemployment… Oh Crap! Obama means forced unions on small business.. Oh Crap!  Obama means more economic turmoil.. Oh Crap! Obama means higher corporate taxes on business (the ones that provide jobs).. Oh Crap! Obama means more jobs and corporations driven overseas… Oh Crap! And Obama could lead us into a full blow depression.. OH CRAP!!!

Well, if you’re feeling these same sentiments, join the club… and show your disgust with this bumper sticker I threw together…

OCRAP! Bumper Sticker - Order Here!

You can order by clicking on the image or clicking here.

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O CRAP! Sticker (Bumper)
O CRAP Sticker (Bumper)
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