08 May

Al Gore Used Fictional Scenes in “An Inconvenient Truth”

Written by mpinkeyes on Apr-22-08 8:35pm


This really isn’t surprising to me. Al Gore took a scene from the (fiction) movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” which in itself was a propaganda movie, and used it in his own propaganda “documentary,” “An Inconvenient Truth.” The scene in question was a computer generated image and is not real.

On Friday, it was revealed by ABC News that one of the famous shots of supposed Antarctic ice shelves in the film was actually a computer-generated image from the 2004 science fiction blockbuster “The Day After Tomorrow.”

I guess if you can’t find what you are looking for to prove your point you can just make something up. That appears to be Al Gore’s template. The inconvenient truth is, at least for Al Gore, that this movie is nothing but a fraud, the whole idea that global warming is man-made, if it exists at all, is a scam. Read the original story in it’s entirety



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