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13 Nov

Obama Wins! Oh Crap!

You see it all over the Internet now.. and in real life with people I meet… Obama won… oh crap! Or “Oh shit!”, “We’re Screwed!” and some other not-so-nice comments. A common thread of discussion is along the lines of “He bought the election” or “The best election money can buy”.  What are we hearing […]

11 Feb

Photo Gallery Added

I have added a photo gallery. Feel free to register and add photos showing how global warming is not in your area. Within the photo gallery, I have added a category just for unflattering Hillary Clinton photos. Please feel free to download, share and upload your own photos (authentic photos only, please). The next President […]

30 Jan


Another reason we don’t want McCain in the White House The turning point on global warming By John McCain and Joe Lieberman | February 13, 2007 THERE IS NOW a broad consensus in this country, and indeed in the world, that global warming is happening, that it is a serious problem, and that humans are […]


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